Tulip Festival, Ottawa (no.3)

September 1, 2009
Tulip Festival, Ottawa (no.3)

1/200sec @ f/4.8
38mm, ISO200, 0ev
Evaluative Metering, No flash
Nikon D300, AF-S 18-55mm 3.5-5.6

My final shot in the tulip festival series is an explosion of colour. It represents my experience of the tulip festival. There is no specific subject for the eye to grab hold of. There is no special flower that looks more beautiful than the others. This image is about texture and colour. A bed of flowers usually has impact from a distance because it is the beauty of the whole that is impressive rather than the beauty of the individual. The first shot in the series was more about the beauty of the individual – this shot zooms out and shows what that individual flower was part of.

Just by getting a little higher and angling the camera so the paths down either side of this bed of tulips weren’t visible gives the effect that the flowers go off in every direction for miles and miles. The fact that what you see is how many tulips were actually there isn’t important. Cropping using the lens can really help the effect. If any of the path had been included in the shot it would have completely ruined the impact of what seems like endless tulips.