Old Truck

October 3, 2009
Old Truck

1/60sec @ f/9.0
18mm, ISO200, 0ev
Evaluative Metering, No flash
Nikon D300, AF-S 18-55mm 3.5-5.6

There is something about old cars and trucks that I love. Don’t know if it is the big chrome grills, the rusty sections that crumble to the touch or the faded paint. Perhaps all of the above. If you get a good North American specimen then they tend to be huge – like boats on wheels. This particular truck sat at the bottom of a friends driveway and was begging to be photographed. I didn’t pick a great day or time of day to take the shots – the blown out highlight at the top right of the shot is a classic example of harsh midday sun. Luckily for me the truck was sitting in the shade of a big leafy tree so the blown-out highlights were kept to a minimum whilst I tried to expose for the shady truck.

I also used an effect which is great for adding a little contrast and drama to a photo. The process requires some PhotoShop knowledge in this case:

  1. Open the image in PhotoShop
  2. Add a Black and White adjustment layer
  3. Give that new adjustment layer a blend selection of Overlay
  4. Voila you have a little bit of pop!

You can duplicate the B&W adjustment layer to increase the effect or you can give the adjustment layers lower opacity to reduce the effect.