White-breasted Nuthatch (no.3)

December 30, 2010
White-breasted Nuthatch (no.3)

1/250sec @ f/7.1
420mm, ISO3200, 0ev
Evaluative Metering
Nikon D3s, AF-S 300mm f/4, AF-S TC-14EII

I know, I know… Another White-breasted Nuthatch. However this one is different. Number 1, I think it might be the sharpest bird photograph I have ever taken. Number 2, I have never seen a White-breasted Nuthatch with its feathers ruffled. Number 3, the background is perfect!!

Having seen a number of my shots more objectively on the website it is becoming apparent that I need to change up the perch. It is getting boring with the same old twig. I was even considering mirroring the image so at least it came from a different direction. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

The White-breasted Nuthatch works its way up and down a tree in a spiral movement picking small bugs out of the bark. They have a very distinctive pose, one which I didn’t capture in either the last WB Nuthatch image or this one.

Taking images on a wet overcast day during the summer is great. You get a saturated colour palette and the sky is one huge soft-box giving off an even natural light.

If I had to improve one thing I would increase the depth of field (DOF). The feathers on the bird’s back are a little out of focus and it would have been great to get the sharpness I achieved around the eye over the entire bird.

p.s. If you want to see how well the Nikon D3s works at high ISOs – this image was taken at ISO 3200. Try that with another camera and tell me how it goes.