International School of Earth Studies

March 26, 2011
International School of Earth Studies

1/1600sec @ f/5.6
300mm, ISO200, 0ev
Evaluative Metering
Nikon D3s, AF-S 300mm f/4

The International School of Earth Studies is a phenomenal establishment North of Ottawa in Quebec. We found ourselves there on the coldest weekend this past winter with the temperatures dropping to a balmy minus 32 degrees Celsius. As it happens this temperature is warm for Huskies!! The school is a family run business that provides all types of outdoor education from cross-canada trips to shelter building on the large area of land owned by the school to education related to environmental conservation. I am not going to be able to do the place justice in my description so it is probably best to head over to their website and see for yourself.

During the visit dog sledding was on the itinerary and who am I to turn down such an incredible opportunity. It’s not something I was ever able to do back in the Bath and North East Somerset region (UK). Although maybe that might change with the climate.

The shot above is of one of the team of close to 30 huskies that the school keeps. Depending on the load that is being pulled (in my case, rather large) the teams can be matched up to the weight. An incredible aspect to keeping that many large dogs is the amount of food they go through. Huge tire size rolls of ground beef and chicken are demolished on a daily basis. The dogs are kept outside throughout the year as they would over-heat inside. During the towing of the sleds they pee, poo and munch on chunks of ice to rehydrate, all while continuing to pull the huge load. Not only did everyone who got towed have a good time the huskies seemed to be having a thoroughly good time too. The amount of energy they have is astounding. If only it could be bottled and sold.