Common Loon (no.2)

January 26, 2012
Common Loon (no.2)

1/800sec @ f/6.3
300mm, ISO2500, 0ev
Evaluative Metering
Nikon D3s, AF-S 300mm f/4

Taken on the same trip to the cottage as Common Loon (no.1), it was taken later in the evening, hence the golden light on the white tail feathers. There were a couple of times the Loons rose out of the water and flapped their wings. I am almost certain it was a display to ward us off in our boat as we did get a little close a couple of times. Although they were preening themselves also and they seemed to rise out of the water and shake all their wings as part of the cleaning ritual. Either way it was difficult to get shots that were in focus during the time the bird was out of water. The only way I could get close was with rapid fire on the shutter release and a higher ISO value to get the shutter speed fast enough to ensure crisp images of the wings flapping.

This image has been a hard one to edit. The pose is great, I am very pleased to have captured the loon out of the water from the side giving a great profile. However the crop was very difficult to work out, should I go pano, should I go close? The second part that was difficult was the colour of the water. It is the reflection from the trees on the shoreline of the lake. I originally tried taking all the green out and the water looked more silver like in Common Loon (no.1), but it didn’t seem to work. The water was silver naturally in the first image, the selective reduction in green saturation in this image took something away that didn’t quite look right. Either way I am probably being too picky as I get told numerous times!