Common Loon (no.4)

January 28, 2012
Common Loon (no.4)

1/1250sec @ f/8.0
420mm, ISO2000, -1/3ev
Evaluative Metering
Nikon D3s, AF-S 300mm f/4, 1.4x Teleconverter

Another Loon shot! This is probably the last one, well maybe one more… I almost didn’t post this one. It has so many photographic flaws to it, however I was persuaded to do so, so here it is.

Lets start with some of the flaws: Light is too harsh, whites are blown in the white feathers on both subjects, the jpeg made the green a little too greeny yellow, as usual DOF is too shallow, they are swimming away from the camera, due to light being too harsh, the shadows are extremely harsh. All technical flaws… So why did I post it? Because it is a moment captured between two living creatures, that while humanized, seems intimate. They might well be thinking of killing each other, or they might be looking at each other wondering what the hell a British guy with a camera is following them for, but they are looking at each other and I don’t think I have one of those shots on this blog yet. So it is a first. That’s why I posted it.