Sunrise over Lac St. Pierre, QC

September 7, 2012
Sunrise over Lac St. Pierre, QC

1/15sec @ f/9.0
22mm, ISO200, -1 2/3ev
Evaluative Metering, No flash
Nikon D300, AF-S 18-55mm 3.5-5.6

I have posted a sunrise over Lac St. Pierre previously, however this one was from slightly earlier in the day. With very little post-production completed on this one (small amount of level and curve work) it is about as close as I come to straight out of camera.

It is a slightly hypocritical shot in the fact that just yesterday I was preaching about landscape shots having a subject. The subject of this shot is the landscape, which doesn’t make for a particularly interesting or dynamic shot. In fact anyone with a camera at the same time of day could make a shot similar to this one. The reason I posted it, is for my emotional connection to the shot. It reminds me of an awesome spring and summer spent on Lac St. Pierre. It also reminds me that the best time of day to shoot is the crack of dawn or the just as the sun is setting. The Golden Hours!