A Perching Pixel

November 2, 2012
A Perching Pixel

1/200sec @ f/2.5
35mm, ISO2000, 0ev
Evaluative Metering
Nikon D3s, AF-D 35mm f/2

I didn’t think the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” had any real meaning until we decided to adopt this little tornado. Her name is Pixel (aptly named for two photo geeks) and I truly believe that she has 900 lives, not the standard 9. I don’t understand how something so small can attempt to be so destructive. Everything is a game, including pawing at inanimate objects until they fall from the great heights we have supposedly put them to keep them out of reach.

Aside from while she is sleeping, or just waking up, or just going to sleep she is impossible to take photos of. This one was from two shots I managed to get while she pawed at my lens prior to jumping onto the camera.

I have started becoming more interested in the way light is used in photography. It has taken me a while to start seeing it consciously. I have obviously been using light for a while now otherwise there would be no photos on this blog; however, something has clicked when I look at photographs taken by other people. This shot was lit by a huge living room window. Outside was overcast giving the light a softer quality and ensuring shadows were not too harsh. I am beginning to see how light gives a third dimension to a two dimensional medium.