Jimi & Pixel

November 4, 2012
Jimi & Pixel

1/100sec @ f/4.0
35mm, ISO640, 0ev
Evaluative Metering
Nikon D3s, AF-D 35mm f/2

Cats and dogs can get along with no problems at all. Well, these two can anyway. Pixel likes to attack both dogs but only in a playful way. They give as good as they get!

This shot was taken using the available light in the living room. It must have been overcast outside again as the light is soft and as it is coming from behind me so the shadows are non-existant. The background is a little busy; however, I wasn’t going to attempt to move them from their perfect poses! The background is blurred a little but perhaps the lens could have been opened up further to detach the subjects from the patterns on the quilt. At f/4.0 I was lucky to get both pairs of eyes on the same plane of focus so they are all in focus. Their attention spans are a little on the low side so getting them to look at me long enough to compose and take the shot without them getting annoyed and running off was a challenge.

Overall I am very happy with the shot and the 35mm lens.